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It can help you achieve a larger penis in both length and girth. As well as offering permanent results, you are also able to overcome erectile dysfunction and in some cases, premature ejaculation.

VigRX Plus ™ is a herbal male enhancement pills and virility supplements since 2006, aiming to better sexual health for men in terms of erection, stamina, virility and quality of orgasm. The former name was “VigRX” (since 2001), and after the increase in the formula and its effectiveness, it got its name … “VigRX Plus”. And in just a few years, it got immense popularity and today that in 2017, it is one of the top brands in the male enhancement market.

And if you are the one who is familiar with the name VigRX Plus and want to know more about it before you actually try it, then We’ll like to first tell you what VigRX Plus do, why it is recommended and, what are its main advantages, who should buy it, and how it works. So, here we go…


What VigRX Plus do?

VigRX Plus is the World-wide best seller in the field of Penis Enlargement Pills. The natural ingredients provide a safe and efficient way to increase sexual performance.

  • VigRX Plus Increase in Penis Length and Girth
  • Harder, Stronger, and Thicker Erections
  • Greatly Enhanced Sex Drive and Desire
  • Improved Stamina and Sexual Performance
  • More Intense Sexual Pleasure
  • No More Mood-Killing Premature Ejaculation

As you know VigRX Plus is a male overall sexual health enhancement supplement, so you must be knowing that it supports

  • Better ERECTIONS which are LONGER lasting, HARDER, FULLER, and ON-DEMAND,
  • Higher SEXUAL DESIRE i.e. libido,
  • Higher PLEASURE at climax, and

It is a FACT that VigRX Plus can increase the original size of the penis. This pill supports a larger penis size when erect. It takes about 2-3 months to show the best results. Learn more about VigRX Plus results in detail. If you are more interested in figures such as the percentage of improvement in any direction then better look at the scientific data on the official website..

Why it is recommended?

It is recommended because it is proven and successful formula for more than one decade. Millions of guys already enjoyed the benefits. Not only this, VigRX Plus is…

  • Backed by a number of clinical studies and proofs.
  • Several popular doctors endorse it including Dr.Steven Lamm who is author of famous book on male erections “The Hardness Factor“, and guest numerous times on various shows like “The View” and “Fox News National“. Listen to him what he said on VigRX Plus.
  • Its dosages are optimized in a way to yield outstanding results with least possibilities of side effects. Learn more on possibilities of VigRX Plus side effects.
  • The ingredients are most powerful herbs known to mankind till date which are related to male enhancement in one way or other. Few herbs are rare and few are imported from opposite side of globe. Learn more on VigRX Plus ingredients, their hidden potential healing powers and health treasure.

Just Imagine your ultimate desired male enhancement pills. You must be thinking something which you take once or twice a day and you get amazing sexual strengths to penetrate your women deep and hard for hours long. Right?? If VigRX Plus is not exactly what your ultimate desired male enhancement pills then it is not far from that. No doubt, it is close to your ultimate desire. It gives you enormous rock hard erections, thrill to just jump into hard sexual bond, stay for hours long, and finally give you immense pleasure while you discharge a load of semen in your women.

I noticed an increase in thickness when erect. I have also noticed erections come easier and last longer. I look forward to the continued increased and endurance! – Michael T. Pope Alabama

I can get a very strong erection for as long as I desire… better orgasms… and it acted when I wanted it to! – Marco Gonzalez Minnesota

What can I expect from VigRX Plus?

The pills will help you to enlarge your penis by a few centimeters. If you take the pills regularly, satisfactory results can occur within a short time. Compared to the previous product VigRX Plus works even faster.

How Does VigRX Plus Work?


Clinical studies have shown that the product not only increase your penis, but is also effective against erectile dysfunction. Many customers feel through the use VigRX Plus pills stronger and longer lasting erections during sexual intercourse. Likewise, the sexual pleasure can be increased and the number of orgasms are increased.

How long should I take VigRX Plus?

In order to achieve a lasting, perfect and satisfactory result, we recommend you to take two tablets daily over a period of three months. The product contains only natural ingredients, therefore a longer application is quite possible.

Can VigRX Plus improve my erection?

VigRX Plus contains aphrodisiac herbal concentrates from China, Europe and South America. This can firstly increase sexual performance and longer promote stronger than other lasting erections, so you can enjoy your sexual pleasure fully again.

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What are the ingredients of VigRX Plus pills?


All of the ingredients inside of this pill are natural herbal concentrates that are found in South Amercia, Europe, and China. Here is a description of a few key ingredients inside of this formula.

  • Damiana – Natural aphrodisiac that has been used for centuries by the Mayans. This herb has shown the ability to increase sexual desire, improve erectile function, and enhance sexual pleasure as well.
  • Ginkgo Bilboa Leaf – This little ingredient works to increase the blood flow into your erectile chamber. This ingredient gives you fuller and harder erections and improved blood circulation to the genitals.
  • Tribulus Terrestris – This is one of the three new ingredients found inside of VigRx Plus. This ingredient works to treat sexual dysfunction and increase sex drive in men. It has beens found to increase the level of luteinising hormone levels (LH) thus improving the level of testosterone in the body as well.
  • Bioperine – This is the key ingredient that makes VigRx Plus work so efficiently. This natural herb works to increase the absorption rate of all of the ingredients inside the VigRx formula. This makes this penis pill work faster than most of the male enhancement products available.

All other ingredients are: Asian Red Ginseng, Saw Palmetto Berry, Hawthorn Berry, Epimedium leaf extract, Catuaba bark extract,Muira Pauma bark extract and Ginkgo biloba leaf.

May experience side effects?

There are no known side effects, since the product of purely natural ingredients there. Under certain circumstances, hot flashes can occur. We ask you to stop using VigRX Plus, when taking leads to allergic reactions, or you need to take blood thinners.


  • VigRx Plus puts more emphasis on increasing sex drive and hardness than other penis pills available. Most of the men that have tried this product were very pleased with their new-found sexual desire and stamina.
  • Company provides real video testimonials from men that have tried VigRx. Before and after photos are also provided to document the success of users of this pill.
  • Only Vigrx Plus penis pill that contains Bioperine. This ingredient causes the pill to work faster and more efficiently than other male enhancement pills.
  •  VigRx Plus is one of the only male enhancement products that have gone through a clinical study.


  • This product (VigRX Plus) can’t be found in your local stores. You can only get it from the company’s web site.
  • VigRX Plus is a little more expensive than other pills such as Vimax and Prosolution. However, their ingredients are higher quality and are worth the couple extra bucks in our opinion.

Free Bonuses

The company that manufactures this product provides some excellent free bonuses with every purchase.

  •  Free Shipping
  •  Discreet Packaging To Ensure Privacy
  •  Free Bottle of Nexus Pheromones (Attract Females)
  •  Free Semenax Ejaculation Volume Booster

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How To Spot The Authentic VigRX Plus Pill


It is important that you verify the authenticity of the product when you receive it. There are cheaper pills on Ebay and Amazon that are a lot cheaper, but if you get the counterfeit you would not enjoy the real benefits that VigRx offers. To check if you receive the authentic product you can try the following:

  1. Check the authentic code – VigRX Plus adds “Authenticy code” on their packaging. The code is a series of numbers that you can check on their website to verify if you have the authentic or original version.
  2. Break the capsule – When you break the capsule, the original has a brownish color similar to pepper. However, the counterfeit has white colors in it.
  3. Check the price – A month supply of VigRX Plus costs $76.99 and they do not offer a discount, so if you see this on other sites at a much lower price, more likely it is a fake. Buying a much cheaper product that doesn’t work is not practical.


VigRx Plus Review Conclusion

There are many penis enhancement pills on the market to choose from, but you won’t find many that actually provide clinical proof that their product actually works. VigRx Plus has a proven track record and is manufactured by a reputable company. Most of the user reviews on this penis pill have been very positive and results can be seen within the first week. We highly recommend it to all our visitors looking for a dramatic improvement in their sex life.

How can I order a product?

The appointment of VigRX Plus pills is safe, easy and discreet. The delivery time is 2 to 6 days by (International rush: DHL – Fedex). Delivery is made discreetly in neutral packaging with no indication of sender and content.

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